I have a couple of simple VIvitar enlargers that I bought for next to nothing. But they do not have filter trays. The filter tray slot is about 3 inches wide and just over 1/2 inch high. The depth is about 5 inches and the front, due to the enlarger head being round, is curved.

Do you have suggestions on what material I might use to make an endurable tray? I do not want to use heavy cardboard, even if then covered with duct tape. But I do not want to have to buy hacksaws to cut metal either. Making a simple tray should not be not rocket science. Probably a type of plastic that is both fairly rigid and also can be cut would be good. As far as for the front of the tray, I would probably use a thin metal and curve it to mesh with the enlarger head. I would then cover that part with felt to keep light out. Thank you. - David Lyga