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Have you seen the buttons you can purchase and screw into the shutter release, making the shutter release button look like the top of a dome, much larger than the original button? I hear they work really well for making smooth shutter releases. Might be worth considering, if you really want to make it work.
To the OP - I can vouch for the efficacy of these buttons. My "new" M3 came with one and I've shot it both ways. Button wins. I am also having teething problems with the M, having shot a Nikon F -> FTn -> F for forty years. I know exactly what you're going through and I've had moments of nascent buyer's remorse.

This thread's a month old now and perhaps the deed has been done. If not, take seriously the advice of others and give it one. more. try. If it just doesn't work for you move on with a clear conscience and enjoy whatever gear you get with the freed up funds! I'd hang on to that M; it will do better for you than Kodak stock...