I've visited this years Photokina and besides their new Instax camera and two new silver halide colour photo papers (for the increasing market of photobooks) Fujifilm presented the re-introduced Neopan 400 (135). Visible both in the showcase and the brochures at their booth.
I talked about Neopan 400 with the responsible Fujifilm manager, and he told me the reasons for the Neopan 400 comeback are

- Fujifilm has successfully solved the problems with one raw material, which caused the former production stop
- they see increasing demand in this film segment
- in Germany the Fujifilm BW film sales of the last three years have been the highest they ever had (new sales record)
- there is an increasing interest in film from younger photographers.

He said that if there is new interest and sufficient / increasing demand than Fujifilm is in principle willing to re-introduce films. At least there is no "if the production has stopped, the product will never, ever come back" policy at Fujifilm.
It's all about demand.

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