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I think I recall somewhere that lenses marked anastigmat are typically uncoated, not that anastigmat means uncoated, but just that it turns out that most anastigmats were not coated.

Of course, anastigmat means, literally, without astigmatism, so I suppose the optics were designed and computed to minimize astigmatism.
Lenses marked "Anastigmat" are typically uncoated because they were made before lens coatings were commercially available. No other reason. There were post WWII lenses marked so which were coated, as well.

The designation "Anastigmat" became popular - and possible - when new glasses were developed in the late 1880s at Schott Jena, these glasses allowed lenses to be corrected for astigmatism. Marketing being what it is, the term was used to designate highly corrected lenses made with the new glasses, also to differentiate the new lenses from the Rapid-Rectilinear type which was un- or partially corrected for astigmatism.

The likelyhood is that both of the OP's lenses are uncoated.