Thanks, Kirk. So add some glass tubing or similar to the shopping list. Coax with BNCs or other connectors I already have. In fact, I have a few broken oscilloscope probes here at work with a thinner coax that may be ideal.

Another question for you. If I have this correct, the reference elctrode sits in a beaker of solution and the salt bridge "connects" that beaker to the emulsion beaker and the silver ISE to complete the circuit. From what I can find, the bridge is made with a thickened electrolyte of KNO3 (potassium nitrate) and PE covers how to make that in his book. What sort of solution is in the beaker with the reference elctrode? I don't think I've seen that anywhere.

And is a pH meter better to use or more useful then a VOM/multimeter? I have use of several very good (Fluke) bench multimeters but do not have a pH meter to which I can connect an external probe. Have looked at used ones on the auction site but they almost never come with probes and new probes are quite expensive. The meters themselves are not too costly. However, I have thought about getting a better pH meter than what I have now.