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You mean it was discontinued? When?
Due the responsible Fujifilm Manager I've talked to at Photokina yes, it was discontinued.
And some time ago (about one year ago if I remember right) a friend of mine, who can speak Japanese, told me that there has been an official statement on the Japanese Fujifilm website.
I remember quite well the rush on this film in Germany when it was here officially discontinued.
And I know that Neopan 400 135 has indeed been available in the UK and Japan without interruption.
My guess: Either the last batches of the last production has been sold there, or maybe the first batches of the new production has been shipped to these markets, leading to a supply without interruption. But honestly, it is a guess, I don't know for sure.

Well, the official statement of Fujifilm at Photokina was, that the film is in production again.

First shipments in Germany are expected at the end of October, beginning November.
At the Maco Photo booth (Maco/Rollei-Film, macodirect.de) they told me that they have already got a notice from Fujifilm that Neopan 400 is available again, and at the above mentioned date.

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