I can't say what the Freestyle paper is as I have not used it and they won't say what their rebranded stuff actually is (not sure why this is the case...). However, I'm sitting on approx. 1000' of Kodak Endura Premier F surface in 11". I have an automatic roll paper cutter and I'd be happy to provide members here in the continental u.s. with 11 x whatever. The paper is being stored in a film fridge and has an expiration date of 1/14. So far I've had one transaction from a forum member here. I have not heard anything from him re: the paper but I can assure you that you'll be a happy printer printing with kodak's current top-of-the-line ra-4 offering. Unlike the previous endura VC, the endura premier doesn't suffer from cross-over in the highlights - kodak actually states that it's optimized for both digital and optical exposure..http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe...q-path=2301210. The base is whiter than ever and the gamut is more pleasing than the endura v.c. Yeah, it's a bit more saturated - once again - but manageable and very responsive to flashing. PM me if anyone is interested.