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We'll do.

Now, why are these so freaking expensive?!!!

Some of these 11x14 easels I've found on eBay for about $40 or so. Are the adjustable kind, easels that can be adjusted up to an 11x14 size or what is it meant by "adjustable"?

Those really large Saunders easels are expensive because they are worth it, and relatively rare.

The 11 x 14 Saunders easels are actually 14 x 17 on the outside, but you can only used the moveable blades on paper up to 11 x 14. Those easels are also very good, but as they are/were very popular, there is a fair supply of used ones available.

Easels come essentially in two versions - adjustable easels which have blades that move to allow adjustment for different sizes of paper or custom crops/borders, and fixed size easels which can only be used for one size of paper, with one size of borders.

Within the adjustable easels there are two sub-types - two blade easels which allow adjustment on two sides only (except for minor adjustments of border widths) and four blade easels that allow adjustments on all four borders.

The four blade easels are preferred by many, but two blade easels have some things going for them, including lower cost, and slightly more flexibility when using unusual paper sizes.