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- Fujifilm has successfully solved the problems with one raw material, which caused the former production stop
- they see increasing demand in this film segment
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Like others I am confused. My understanding was that the problem with one raw material only affected the 120 film which was discontinued because of this and not due to lack of demand and that no such problem existed with the 135 film which would explain why it is still available in the U.K. Of course it may be the case that the problem with 120 meant that curing the problem was not economically viable at the then current demand but Fuji changed its mind or found a solution that wasn't as expensive as it originally thought it would be in relation to the demand but either way this would lead to Fuji announcing a restart of the 120 which is not what was said to you by the Fuji representative.

If the raw material problem has been solved and it is good news if it has then I would have thought that the Fuji announcement would be that production of the 120 film will be re-started.