Well the title pretty much says it... I have lith printed about a year ago with LD20 but wanted to give Moersch a shot. So technically I am not a newbie to lith printing but I don't have the luxury of months of trial and error. I want to be able to get about 6-8 prints that are similar in tone/color for an art show which is on December 8th. So that doesn't leave me much room to wiggle with life constantly getting in the way and keeping me from my darkroom. So is it wise for me to spend the extra $ on the Master Kit or should I go the easy route? I believe SE5 has a little bit longer tray life (which would be good for the extended printing sessions I envision and some consistency is nice) and more options for color control. I will most likely be using Fomatone Classic Cream WT FB in Velvet or Fomatone Variant Natural WT. Depending on which paper's tone suits my images better. I also plan on toning in selenium and maybe sienna. I know there is no shortcuts in lith printing and I will burn through some paper but I would like to start with purchasing the developer that will get me closer to the results I look for in least amount of time and also be something that I can have some flexibility with later on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!