as a lot of you might or might not know
i sell silver magnets, their replacement cathodes
and trickle tanks ...

the silver magnet is a little electrolytic device that electroplates the silver out of spent fixer
the trickle tanks are ion transfer silver recovery units.

the magnet works well with high concentrations ( well spent fixer )
the tanks work well with low concentrations ( de-silvered fixer + wash water )

from now until the end of october
I will give sean / send apug a 10% donation of every unit sold.

this is great for sean + us here at apug
and this is great for us as chemical based photographers because
we can de-silver our fixer, and get a few dollars back for all the $$$ we spend on film and paper.

prices ??

silver magnet is : $55.95 ( + shipping )
replacement cathode: $21.95 ( + shipping ) ( if ordered at the same time as magnet, no additional shipping )
trickle tank: $174.90 ( + shipping )

any questions whatsoever, feel free to PM me here or send me an email: