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No one should mourn the loss of Ritz. In my area, they were dirtbag borderline criminals who had no clue and deserved to go down. Idiotic people working the store, pushing their junk quantanray (sp?) garbage lenses and other overpriced trinkets. At one point they had a good analog-based minilab, but it was overpriced, then they screwed the pooch by replacing it with some craptacular digital-based minilab, and their prints looked like shite. good riddance to those tossers.
Well, using a different wording, I would share the same experience. Last time I went to a Ritz store (2-3 weeks ago), I found the store quiet, very quiet and empty, very empty. I was not aware of their financial situation but it felt like they went down the drain...

I would not comment on their strategy (it is always easy to comment afterward) but I fully agree with the fact that quality and honest work are the way to keep customers. I remember years ago when I was shooting color negatives for the family, I chose the photo store because of the quality of the prints, not because they were close from home or the cheapest.

Take care.