I was struggling trying to learn Lith printing for quite a long time and couldn't figure out why everyone else got good results and I didn't. My attempts resulted in major inconsistancy from print to print and problems with excessive grain as well as mottled spotting. I was using both Moersch and Rollie developer. At the suggestion of a friend, I tried the inexpensive Arista Lith developer and had great results.

I printed the same image with 5 different papers and had the following results:

Slavich Bromportrait 80 - Nice even toned slate gray coloring. Really nice look.
Fomatone Classic 131 - very slightly grainy with a medium brownish coloring.
Oriental Warmtone - Very even tone that is brownish with more red in it than the Fomatone.
Emaks K 888 grade 2 - similar tone and color to the Slavich, but I liked it a little better.
Ilford MGFB - Grainy slate gray color. Too much grain for this type of image.

Of the 5 - I personally like the Emaks the best, but all 5 gave me very nice results and had none of the problems I had with the other developers. Attached are the Emaks, the Fomatone, and the Oriental.

Note that I am still what you should call a beginner at lith printing, but the results I got with the Arista developer were great.