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I expect you'll get conflicting views on this.
And sometimes from the same person. Ten years ago I wrote on forums that I had no problem whatsoever focusing on the original GG's in my Rolleis. I could easily use the Rolleiflex Standard and Rolleicord I and Ia with their even darker screens. But that was ten years ago, and my eyes have gotten older since then. Focusing takes more time today.

I still feel that it's little easier to focus on the ground glass in my Rolleiflexes (with f:2,8 viewing lens) than on the (original) fresnel screen in my 3,5F even though the corners are brighter.

Since I'm also a collector I like my cameras to be as they were when they were made, with their original screens. It's easy to change screens in the 3,5F so I would like to try a Maxwell screen someday. But they are expensive. Maybe when my eyes get older, if Maxwell still is in business then...