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OK guys.. Been out of the loop on shooting these guys for awhile. On bellows factor measuring,. Where do you measure. My camera doesn't have any type of mark to measure from.

Try a Kiev 88 metered prism - gives you a reading directly from the ground glass. Very nice angle on the eyepiece. You can make a cardboard frame to eliminate stray light (or better still stick your head under the dark cloth). Don't forget that you will need the battery compartment converter. Experiment a bit using a reliable hand held or spot meter - or your digital camera - to check readouts and adjust as necessary. Mine works without the need for adjustment. Some scope for moving around the ground glass screen on 5x4, more (obviously) on 5x7 and 8x10 etc. Very useful for close up/macro work once you get the hang of it. If you can't get a reading (green light) increase the film speed setting until you can and then do the easy mental arithmetic to get the correct exposure for the film you are using. Through the lens metering on a monorail or technical/view for 30-50 quid (e-bay prices). Got mine from the Ukraine in first class condition 35 GBP + 9.50 GBP for the battery converter. As far as I know the Kiev metered prism one of only a few that work indepently of a camera. The Mamiya C220/C330 finder is another, but they are relatively expensive - twice the price and they lack the angled eyepiece.

Oh, and if you use it in the horizontal position it turns your image the right way round...