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I've visited this years Photokina and besides their new Instax camera and two new silver halide colour photo papers (for the increasing market of photobooks) Fujifilm presented the re-introduced Neopan 400 (135). Visible both in the showcase and the brochures at their booth.
I talked about Neopan 400 with the responsible Fujifilm manager, and he told me the reasons for the Neopan 400 comeback are

- Fujifilm has successfully solved the problems with one raw material, which caused the former production stop
- they see increasing demand in this film segment
- in Germany the Fujifilm BW film sales of the last three years have been the highest they ever had (new sales record)
- there is an increasing interest in film from younger photographers.

He said that if there is new interest and sufficient / increasing demand than Fujifilm is in principle willing to re-introduce films. At least there is no "if the production has stopped, the product will never, ever come back" policy at Fujifilm.
It's all about demand.

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Seriously, this is like one of those things that goes on behind closed doors that you never really know about...who knew Neopan 400 was going to be discontinued? And then revived. To most people, it's going to just seem like they kept making it right along...in stock at B&H, et al, right now.

But great film, and good to hear. At least Fuji has now brought back two films...Velvia 50 and Neopan 400 135. But what about 120 format Neopan 400?