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I've never tried Neopan 400 and I don't shoot 135. If this comes back in 120, what's it like? Is it a fine tabular grain like Acros or TMY2 (probably my 2 favourite films) or is it more of a Tri-X/HP5 kind of thing?

And while Fuji is bringing stuff back, how about bringing a few more of the C41 emulsions back in 120 (160C!) and 4x5.
It is NOT a "tabular" grain film like Tmax or Delta. It would be considered traditional but I found the look more in between the two, possibly leaning more toward a traditional film look. The film is super smooth, with a nice shoulder. I used it exclusively when it was available. Now I have to use two films to get by. I developed Neopan 400 in Xtol and Rodinal and it sang it both but in particular Xtol. Other die hard 120 Neopan 400 shooters will agree. It could be shot at box speed in Xtol or pushed one stop with fantastic results. Such an amazing film, I hope that it comes back. I'm down to 15 rolls left of my stash and I use it sparingly.