I've gone through that.
It started right about your age and I noticed that it was harder to focus on things that were close. It is a PITA because you can't focus close without glasses and you can't focus at distance with them. This keeps you juggling constantly, always leaving the glasses in the other room and never having them, precisely at the moment that you need them. I have found that I have no problem at all focusing on a matte screen with a pentaprism such as on a 35mm, even without special viewfinder diopters, but a ground glass or the small numbers on my handheld meter definitely needs the glasses. My perfect solution would be a pair of reading glasses with flip-up lenses but I haven't been able to find anything like that so I hang them around my neck which is really annoying. I've heard of some photographers buying an extra pair of glasses that are much more powerfull than they would normally wear, specifically for working under the darkcloth.
On the good side, reading glasses can be bought at the drugstore for a few bucks instead of hundreds at an opticians and, by not wearing your glasses, you'll find that your prints need much less spotting