Neopan 400 in 120 is wonderful stuff. I love it because I feel I can get such a variety of looks from different exposures and development. In theory you can do that with any film but somehow Neopan 400 really shines in this aspect for me. I have a decent amount still stashed away in 120 and in 35mm bulk rolls of Legacy Pro 400 but would really love to relax and not worry about my twindling supply...

Albany roof garden macro SL66 80Planar(old) Neopan400 Rodinal 1-50 9min30sec 22C 1minAg 2008-06 ES 4990 001 by rich8155 (Richard Sintchak), on Flickr

El Cerrito Hills Park Rolleiflex2-8EPlanar Neopan400 D-76 1-1 9min30sec 20C VS 007 FF by rich8155 (Richard Sintchak), on Flickr

Mimi Albany playground Rolleiflex3-5Planar Neopan400 D-76stock 6min 20C 1minAg2x 10-2011 VSmac 9000 Scan-120226-0003 by rich8155 (Richard Sintchak), on Flickr