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I didn't think of using a different developer. I currently have Dektol only. I understand increase in hydroquinone adds to contrast. I wonder if this is possible? I don't know enough photo chemistry but I know Dektol had hydroquinone as a component already. I happen to have a small jar of it thinking I'd start mixing my own.
Adjusting your developer to get more out of your print is common, and something printers would do to find 'half grades' with graded paper.
I use LPD, for example, and the difference between 1+1 and replenished is big.

Jon's suggestion on selective bleaching is also good, to extract more range from the tones in the negative.

If you normally print using diffusion enlarger, you can also try a condenser head enlarger. That will give a bit more contrast.

Finally, check which paper yields the maximum contrast at G5 filtration or max magenta.