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If you go right back in time to when the Vietnam War was on, there was a story about the Nikon 24mm and 50mm being designed to have a noticeably sharper centre than the edges so as to concentrate the eye on the important bits. This is only a story told possibly many times so I don't know if it has any truth in it
'Urban Legend" although I have never heard this story.
I purchased one of the first 24mm f2.8 Nikkors on the market for both reportage and weddings.
Back then it almost instantly became one of the 'must have' lenses for a newspaper photographer. Excellent wide open for reproduction on newsprint, with f2.8 for TRI-X, I took sbout 60% of my shots with this lens. A normal 50mm lens was not used much, at least for me.
For weddings with flash, it was and still is great to capture group portraits.-Dick