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When I first bought my Nikonos III, it needed service. I used Bob Warkentin’s Southern Nikon Service Center in Houston, Texas and was very pleased.

Bob retired a couple of years ago, partly because Nikon ran out of maintenance kits. All the places I knew of that used to service the camera stopped for the same reason. All the places I found through google and contacted have also have stopped. I guess I'lll just have to go down the list.

One of the issues is that the internal o-rings do wear out, leaving the camera vunerable to floods. Unlike your typical land camera you can't canabalize an old broken body for spares since the o-rings will be aged out. It's bit of an odd beast in that regard. Buying a body from KEH will still need an overhaul before I take it to 125' ft.

I'll try some of the suggestions, and keep googling.