I certainly used it.

I didn't do as many seem to and shoot it at 640-1000 though. For 1000-1250 I prefer Tri-X in Diafine (to be fair though I've never even tried TMZ below 1600.) I shoot it routinely at 3200, develop in T-Max developer per the instructions for 6400, with great results. Sure it's a little contrasty but the shadow detail is adequate. Grain is obvious but reasonable and pleasing in many shots.

However, I like Delta 3200 nearly as well. I shoot it in 120 where the grain is less noticeable and get lovely results. I've been sticking with TMZ in 35mm because it seems slightly finer grained and perhaps a touch faster, or at least able to get more speed. I can get an usable 6400 from TMZ if needed. I've never tried that with Delta 3200 and I'm a little skeptical of getting good results.

But for other TMZ users, don't hesitate to try Delta 3200. It's a great film, and also available in 120 so you (and I now) can standardize on one film for high speed if you shoot both sizes.