I have my own set of photographic 10 commandments. One is; "you live by the crop & you die by the crop". What that means (to me at least) is a well cropped shot will catch a persons eye...the crop stops them and makes them really study your photo.<p>And so how do I crop? On the baseboard, always...never in the camera (as often the possibilities of the shot aren't visible during the moments leading up to the exposure). So with my theory’s in mind you’d be right in thinking I print some odd ball sizes…5x8’s, 3x6’s and lots of squares. And what do I crop with? A 4 bladed masking easel.<p>I really like the LPL 4 bladed easels. Cheaper then the Saunders V tracks but harder to find. The V tracks are also good but of coarse the royalty is the Dunco’s & the Beards with their pinline masking kits. Problem with them is you’ll have to mortgage your soul to afford them.<p>What I did want to add to this topic though is the following thought. If you’re going to buy a hulking 16x20 masking easel and use it with 8x10 or 11x14 paper most of the time, remember to think about if you’ll be able to position that huge easel on your enlargers baseboard when your making those 8x10 prints. Quite often you’ll find you can’t use that big easel because the enlarger’s column is in the way. So a good idea is spend your hard earned money on what you’re going to use the most…and only you’ll know what that is.