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BTW, what's the story with Neopan 1600? Is that still around?
I don't believe so, but Fuji is showing they will bring back films if the demand is there, and with Kodak just canceling TMZ, the time might be ripe.

I've not used Neopan 1600 other than one roll in a camera that I'm shooting now that someone offered here in exchange for a print from it. I do use TMZ in 35mm and Delta 3200 in 120 and planned to just go to Delta 3200 in both, but I'd certainly give Neopan 1600 a shot.

Mixed news today really. This is great news. The new Jobo processor is great news, even if pricey. The new Rollei cameras are good news, falling short of great news for those of us who'd never drop that much money on a film camera. Discontinuation of TMZ, not good news.