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I have a pro-pack of Ektachrome E 100VS from 2003 that has been kept refridgerated. I have heard is is better to slightly under expose slide film for more saturated colors. Should I shoot it at ASA 125, 160 or just shoot it at ASA 100.
I guess I could shoot 1/3 of the roll at each of these speeds to test the first roll. I will have 4 rolls left after I shoot this. I got the film free at a Photo Club meeting when a pro photog. was retiring, so I have no money tied up in it.
I will probably use my Nikon FM2n and a Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 lens.
When I finish the roll, I will probably send it to Dwayne's Photo Lab, unless someone recommends a better lab.
I think the best option, take one roll, find a subject that needs to push the capabilities of the film, set your meter at 25 take a shot, reset your meter at 50 take a shot, then 75, 100,150,200 make sure you indicate in the frame which setting, which image is taken with. Now find another scene, that is typical of your photographic style and repeat the process, then again with a colour chart. Get the roll processed, then put these slides side by side on a light table, and see which is the closest to reality. Using that camera, you then know which speed to set it at.