The Lumedyne Flash REQUIRES a battery.
A typical system consists of:
1. Flash head with reflector, optional diffuser.
2. Rechargeable battery (missing)
3. Battery pack which allows you to carry the battery while shooting on location.
4. Charger (missing)
5. Some sort of third-party flash bracket or flash shoe for location shooting (not included)

Lumedyne makes superb stuff and I've shot many events with Lumedyne equipment. I no longer shoot weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, etc., so this equipment is for up for sale. This is the newest Lumedyne head and battery pack that I have. It has received very little use. All the Lumedyne units that were heavily used by me were sold several months ago.

Here's a link to the Lumedyne website where you can see their entire line of flash equipment.