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In addition to what nickrapak says, Henning spoke with the Product Manager of Photo Imaging Products and they discussed the discontinuance of Astia. They agreed that it was a big mistake to discontinue this film because of its capabilities - notably its natural colour rendition/accuracy and its relatively high dynamic range thus making it the most sensible choice for portrait photographers and for reproduction photography (artworks etc.) The product manager stated that he believed astia to be on of the best films that Fujifilm has produced.

Well if its possible for fuji to re-introduce films then I would be happy with just Velvia 50, Provia and Astia in 135 all the way to 8x10. Everything else to me is secondary. Fuji could even take a leaf out of Ilfords book and do yearly large format runs to make it more economically viable.
Well, one can hope...
Sounds like they know how good Astia was, at least, so maybe there's hope. I was astounded when I started shooting it. I was expecting something with more pastel saturation but what I got was rich and vibrant but without the overblown look of higher saturation films and without so much contrast as Provia. I moved on to E100G when Astia went away, and it was indeed good (still have several rolls in the freezer and just sent one to Dwayne's with some other E6) but of the two I prefer Astia.