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kevs, thanks for your reply. I did not realize liver of sulphur was potassium sulphide I thought it was a more messy mixture of chemicals. I'm sure I have googled potassium sulphide before and not turned up anything useful anyway I googled again and turned up these two sites, as well as rose chemicals, http://www.thrivechem.com/01-kilogra...rg-15844-p.asp and http://www.suttontools.co.uk/consuma...hide-100g.html. I will give thrivechem a try at 8.01 for 100g, enough for 13 liters, that will get me started.
Hi Mr Man,

Just to clarify, my info came from a 1961 Dictionary of Photography (Iliffe Books, London; A.L.M. Sowerby, (ed.)); I just looked up 'Liver of Sulphur' - which says ' see Potassium Sulphide'. The entry says it's a substance of variable composition, but mainly potassium trisulphide, and potassium thiosulphate. Wikipedia says liver of sulphur is a variable mixture of "a poorly defined mixture of potassium sulfide, potassium polysulfide, potassium thiosulfate, and probably potassium bisulfide."

Anyway, I hope your toner goes well. :-)