The CR2 batteries are a buck at Sorry this doesn't really address your question directly, as far as eliminating waste, but their site doesn't show the type of altnernative you are asking about, and I hope you don't mind me just mentioning this as an economical solution, even though you didn't mention the cost factor. As far as these, they seem to work ok for me. Don't know much about them, except they work. Here is what they say:

TITANIUM CR2 Lithium Battery 3V

•Nominal Voltage: 3V
•Nominal Capacity: 750 mAh
•Maximum Constant Discharge Current: 1125mA
•Maximum Pulse Discharge Current: 2250 mAh
•Low self-discharge rate
•Wide temperature usage range: -20 C ~ +60 C
•Nominal Weight: 11g

Applications: Cameras, Medical treatment instrument, Lights, Radio, Electronic lock, Electronic meter (water meter, gas meter, etc), Power source of memory backup meter

Caution: This is one time use, primary, CR2 lithium battery. Never recharge primary batteries. Charging may cause gas evolution or internal short circuit, followed by fire or explosion!