I did not read the entire thread, but when i went to the Fuji film booth (practically an entire hall), and asked around, there was no one to talk to me about film other then a lady behind a counter which handed me a chromo single page brochure of what she called "all remaining films...".
I walked around some more, and asked a few more people, but found only instax stuff going on.

Inside the the Fuji Cine lens display case, were also displayed, anonymously, the entire line of Fuji LF lenses. When i asked about those, Fuji's Cine lens product manager for Germany said that he never saw anything like that before, and that a rep form Japan had hand carried them and decided last minute to display them, and that they are not marketed anywhere outside of japan, but he promised, that if i email him he will get me the pertinent info, if i wanted.

All that not so great stuff aside, after seeing so many silver based\film\analog stuff traded\displayed\promoted i only have a positive perspective coming out of the show.