BW Enlarger Light Sources, part 2

As recently as May 11, 2005 we had a lengthy discussion on the merits of different light sources for a B&W enlarger. There were 31 comments and 1,325 views, so it is obviously of interest to many of us. I am looking at used several Durst 138S with 8x10 conversion and 240mm lens. One vendor has offered either the Aristo Cold Light head which we discussed in some detail or a “new convection cooled 300W incandescent light source, 240-250mm lens required” at a 28% reduction in price over the Aristo.

Do any of you have any experience with incandescent light in enlargers and can you offer advice as to which will serve what need better? My need is to enlarge 8x10 B&W negatives up to 20x24” to the highest level of quality I can reach.

What comes to my mind when incandescent lighting is mentioned relative to enlarging is Edward Weston and one of the boys doing contact prints with a bare bulb in the kitchen. With much less talent, I may need better tools. What can you tell me?


John Powers