A while ago I bought an ETR body (the first generation). Listed as spares or repairs but turned out to be perfectly usable after a bit of twiddling. As I already had what I believe to be an early-type 120 back (single latch and with the flip-up tag for advancing film rather than the proper lever on the later backs) I'm looking to reassemble an original ETR kit alongside my ETRSi.

Firstly, were there any differences between the waist level viewfinders and winder cranks throughout the ETR production run? Mine lacked both, I've fitted a speed winder and spare unmetered prism to get it usable.

I'm given to understand that the first lenses for this system had a chrome ring on the front? What did the lens hood for the 75mm standard lens look like - all the ones I see listed are for the EII/PE lens?

What strap lugs fit? They look like the ones on the Hasselblad but I'm not sure whether Bronica made them in-house or bought them in? The ETRS and ETRSi use a completely different design.