Comments on my most recent pile of received images from R26:

Anikin – Frozen Trio in IR. A delightfully amusing trio of musicians rendered in a whimsical sculpture, beautifully framed and depicted . Their presence is highlighted by the skillful placement of background tones of the foliage through the use of the IR film.

Crispin – Icelandic Church. A wonderful colour print(scan and commercially printed, I presume). The hues are most certainly enhanced by the use of the saturated palate that Velvia brings to a scene. The sky rendering provides a great flourish to an otherwise most satisfying image.

Hoffy – Meerkat perching. A very effective use of shallow depth of field. The fur and gnarled tree branch are nice and sharp, while otherwise distracting background elements are shifted to a gentle blur. The placement of the sharp vs unsharp elements in the frame came together very nice as well.

Kc2edh Connecticut 154. A great texture abstraction, with just a hint of what the object was to start with . Very pretty the way you have depicted the flaking paint on this old rail car. Nice micro contrast in the mid tones.

Kraker – What are you looking at?. I like the way there is nice texture in so many differnet areas of the image. The clouds, the grass, the sheep’s coats. The wide angle works without any obvious distortions. Nice considering it is 15mm. perhaps the image is not printed to the edge of the frame?

Labcoat- The birds at the Loch. I like the nice bands in this image- the gravel shore, the water, the tree line, the sky skewed across the frame. Then the old lady feeding the swimming and flying birds pull it all together.

Rai Portra Panorama Pinhole. A great concept shot through and through: the wide angle form factor of the pinhole camera, the composition of the figure holding the picture in the frame and the images in the background, the film processing in PPD containing hair dye( a good treason I am pleased to let mine thin and go grey all on its own, thank you very much) and the very neat deckled edge of the matt the print is attached to. Bravo, my friend. You have pull off a success very well.

Wayne Frederick – Caisson light house. I like how you have countered the inherent somewhat bland symmetry of the main element, the light house, with the capture moment placing figures on one side on the breakwater, and the other side on the upper balcony, and printing the image with the light house slightly off center. Whether by artful design, or pleasant coincidence the resulting image is very pleasing and not the pedestrian image it might have otherwise been. A nice range of tones in the print for what was otherwise a low contrast subject also.