The 180mm should have two pins that go into the camera body that are mounted to the back of the nameplate above the lens. I believe they adjust the rangefinder and frame lines parallax for the lens. It sounds like your lens might be missing one or both of these pins. The 90mm has one short pin, and the 60mm has no pins. If the rangefinder is correct with your other lenses, then it's probably your 180mm lens that has issues and not you camera bodies.

The 180 grid lines disappear at around 12 feet because that's the close focus limit with the 180mm lens and the rangefinder.

You won't see parallax correction on the ground glass, you'll see it in the viewfinder. The frame lines will shift down to the lower right of the viewfinder as your focus distance gets closer. The parallax correction happens in the viewfinder to compensate for its offset from the lens.