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1. Kodak folks read this site *daily* and are presenting these findings to the potential buyers of Kodak Film Marketing and Distribution.

2. Right now, not later, we need forward momentum in keeping film alive, posts like these do nothing to help our cause, nada.

By the way, I use both TMX and TMY, have over 1,000 sheets of each, I don't want to lose either...
1) Perhaps it's rather a pity then that these "Kodak folk" apparently never contribute to this site, as do Ilford and Adox. A free forum filled with passionate photographers from all over the world, most of whom love, promote and use Kodak products...surely a no-brainer?
And what harm is there in presenting this enthusiasm for all things analog to potential buyers?

2) If APUG doesn't reflect this passion and forward momentum, together with a real concern to keep film alive, then I must be reading the wrong forums.