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Beseler - Printmaker 35 Condenser Enlarger with Lens Kit
Beseler - Printmaker 67 Condenser Enlarger

Will these ones do the job? I'm not sure if these ones handle 120...
The Printmaker 35 is 35mm only. The Printmaker 67 will also do 120 film up to 6x7. You don't say where you are (country), so that will make a difference in people's replies/advice.

If in the US or Canada, I would recommend the Beseler 23C over the other two. It is a heavier duty machine and will take all 120 formats up to 6x9. Parts and negative carriers are common and readily available. It is heavier than the other two, however.

If weight and size is critical, and your 120 is 645 or 6x6, I would look into a Omega B22. Same factors as the Beseler 23C, but lighter and smaller.

The Durst is a fine machine, just harder to find and get parts and accessories for IMHO.

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This is provably a common thread....

BTW, "120" is an arbitrary size designation for the film. It's just "120", not 120 millimeters (120mm).