So, I found this thread about negative management:

They offer some good systems about cataloging one's photographs (YY-Roll/Sheet, etc). There's a lot of info there to think about how complicated or how easy one wants to keep one's negatives. If anyone wants to contribute more to that, you're welcome to do so.

However, my question has to do with software. I've decided that rather than keeping contact sheets or looking at a negative through a lupe to select an image, I want to scan my negatives and keep a digital archive of each image. Each image will then have tags that describe what the image represents. All other additional info, such as the processing method used to develop the image, would also be included here. So the question is, what's a good software to buy to archive my negatives? I was thinking about getting Apple's Aperture. Has anyone used that? Would you recommend it? I'm taking suggestions solely for the purpose of archiving images. Even with my digital images, I'm not one to alter my images digitally that much, so that's why I haven't considered Photoshop or Lightroom, but I'm open to what works best. Thanks.