For fear of sounding completely ignorant in epic proportions......IS there a best color slide film available (still) that you would recommend? I finally got a couple of trays and glass slides in from the mail a few days ago for my P11 projector. I need to finish a roll of Provia I got a while back and I think I have a roll of Velvia somewhere in the fridge too....all 120. My Yashica 124G is finally getting a workout after collecting ALOT of dust over the past few years.

Is Provia better to use in certain situations than Velvia? I probably shoot half indoor and half outdoor if that helps.

One last subject. I noticed on the "Bay" that some guy in Korea was offering 6 x6 and 6 x 4.5 plastic slide mounts that will fit medium format projectors like my Rollie P11. Anyone used them? 645 would be terrific as I love using my Mamiya 645 Pro.