Today, during the lunchtime browsing, I found the following equation to convert pAg to vAg. This was from a master's thesis at RIT. I was wondering if anyone would like to comment on it. Other than finding it in the paper, I don't know much else about it. There is also a short BASIC program for use in a calculator.


where T is in degees Kelvin, which equals degrees C + 273.

Plugging in the numbers from post #2, above, in a spreadsheet I get:

NaBr at 20C and pAg of 11.463 = vAg of -64.36 mV. So, close to the given figure of -61.48 mV but not exact. (Maybe this is within margin of error, IDK)

Another paper give a BASIC (yes that old!) program for calculating a number of different parameters. Will pass that along if it seems to have any validity. I do not have a BASIC interpreter any more so I will have to convert it to something else to try it out.

-- Jason