Well I worked for a company the was related to a company that once recycled the silver for Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, Kentmere and Fuji etc in Europe.

The original company is over 300 yeras old but went bankrupt in the Bunker Hunt crisis taking all those companies above for huge sums. The family lost control of the company exited recievership and has had a few new owners but is still trading (and probably still has the contracts).

Meanwhile the family set up again and trade on a reputation and history they lost.

Getting back to reality the returns given back to any company sending precious metals for recycling are well below what you shopuld expect. I've been on both sides as I once made emulsions commercially and new exactly what the silver content was in materials sent for reprocessing. This is why a more honest and transparent company can prosper so good luck to them.