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My guess is that the next film to be discontinued will be the film that next needs a master roll to be coated. If you read the latest news on Kodak, they're running short on cash, and with the long payback period on a master roll, they might find it more economically feasible to discontinue the stock rather than keep it going.

they would make a BOATLOAD of instant cash if they sold master rolls of film to someplace like photowarehouse
who has years and years of experience cutting and notching and repackaging film for specialty sheet film shooters.
they did this for years with "made in england" film ( olde ilford ) and there are enough people who shoot everything
from 2.5x.5 - 20x24 ( and larger ) and everything inbetween ... they could sell a master roll in a matter of months.
whenever there is a special order of film, people come out of the woodwork and buy a freezer full of it, or a handful of boxes.

i find it crazy that they don't do something like that, seeing people who shoot those sizes yearn for film to shoot
and often times wait and wait and wait for the special orders to come around ....