So, I recently shot quite a few rolls of colour neg in a Diana, and had the thought that I would like to process it myself rather than take it to a lab. I'm experienced with B&W processing, and also with mixing B&W dev powders.
The obvious thing to do is to buy a Tetenal kit from Vanbar, however when I spoke to them last week I was told these are out of stock and not expected back for 3 to 6 months. I'm reasonably patient, but that's a long time to wait to see my photos.
I've tried searching ebay but can't find any local sellers. There is someone in the UK selling it, but the $40 local kit will end up being about $70. Freestyle stock a few C41 devs but all the liquids can't be sent internationally. There is a Unicolor powder kit for $20, but regular shipping is about $40, or there is the FIMS shipping for about $20 but I've heard reports of that taking a couple of months.
I really didn't think it would be this hard.

What are people in Australia doing to home process C41? Do you buy a lot of kits when Vanbar do have stock? Is there anywhere else I can buy kits from?
The other option I'm looking at is to buy individual chemicals from Vanbar. I'm sure this will work, although I would have preferred a kit where everything was in the same amounts. This is what I'm considering - (assuming Vanbar has this in stock of course);
Kodak -Flex SM Unit Dv 2 ltr $22
Kodak Flex SM Bleach 2.7 ltr $75
Kodak +E-6 Fixer & repl > 10lt $6.30
Kodak Flex SM Final Rinse 1.5 ltr $6.30

The bleach is pricey, but I suppose it should last a fair while, and the other items seem reasonable.
I'm looking for advice or comments on this, particularly in regards to someone who want to do this in Australia right now, thanks.