Ok, I admit, not the most exciting subject, but I need to buy some and I'd like your input.

I've always developed and printed my own B&W but sent my color work out. I'm now processing my own color (both E6 and C41) and am finding my beakers and measuring cups aren't really up to the task of making the precise and fractional measurements necessary for splitting up this chemistry for one-shot use. I'm also not sure if I need a separate set for each process, assuming I'll be developing both during one session.

The other factor driving me to by some new beakers is that I'm turning 45 and, apparently, my eyesight is starting to decline. Far vision is still perfect, but I now need reading glasses. I find the old plastic beakers I have with raised lines and numbers (but no printing) to be very difficult to read, and they are not very clear to boot.

I do have one beaker that someone gave me that is glass, and it is wonderful to see through and read (nice, sharp black lines and numbers) however, it is chipped and I worry about the glass beakers breaking. I started to try and do some research on the net, but I'm left a bit confused.

What do you guys use and why? Also, do you have a set for each chemistry you use?