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Anikin - i can kind of picture this. do you put the paper ONTO THE OUTSIDE of the cylinder as you rotate it into the developer?
No, on the inside. See the attached picture. You unroll it inside of the cylinder as it enters the water while rotating the cylinder. It's easier to do than to describe. And once the print adheres to the cylinder, you just handle the cylinder and don't touch the print at all. In this picture I do not have any chemicals in the tray, but I hope you get the idea. The photo I use in the picture is rather small - only 20"x24". I also made a bigger cylinder for 30"x40", but have not used it yet. I don't see why it would not work. By the way, the tray that you see here i made by cutting two 16x20 PVC trays and gluing them together. It gives me space to process prints up to 30" wide. I also added a drain for easier draining of water or chemistry.