I'll measure my 180mm when I get home tonight and see how long they are. They should both butt up against something inside the camera, make sure that they're not getting mis-aligned when you mount the lens, or that they're not bent.

The parallax error is in the viewfinder, not the lens. You will see the image get slightly wider or narrower on the ground glass with focus distance, but that's just the slight field of view shift that all lenses have when you move them closer or father away from the film plane. Large format photographers deal with this all the time. The film plane image won't (or shouldn't) shift side to side or at an angle during focusing since the lens only moves perpendicular to the film plane, not at an angle to it. Think about what you see when you focus through an SLR, there is no side to side image shift, only possibly slight expansion and contraction of the whole image.

The angle that the rangefinder viewfinder is from the spot your are focused will change from what the lens sees depending on how far you are from your subject. If you've ever cut off part of your subject with a non-parallax corrected RF viewfinder because you forgot to tip up a bit during a close-up, that's parallax error. You can get the same issue with TLR's at close distances. Close up lens sets for TLR's will have a prism for the viewing lens to correct for this.

The only side to side or angle movement you should see that has to do with parallax correction is the frame lines in the viewfinder. The frame line borders will also constrict or expand slightly with focusing distance as well.