Improve the Rangefinder contrast and visibilty
This is one experiment for those that service and work on rangefinders,

Here is a list of beam splitters with different transmitting and reflecting ratios, which one do you think is best? my intent is to improve the rangefinder contrast and visibilty in a old Polaroid 110B camera.

I have no idea which reflectivity and transmission ratio would work best, one or two out four on this list may be suitable,

25mm X 38mm, 30R/70T, Plate Beamsplitter
NT46-667 $39.50
25mm x 38mm, 40R/60T, Plate Beamsplitter
NT46-704 $39.50
25mm X 38mm, 50R/50T, Plate Beamsplitter
NT32-363 $39.50
25mm X 38mm, 70R/30T, Plate Beamsplitter
NT46-669 $39.50