I dread thawing out my last box of Astia 100F 8x10. It functions as the best color dupe film ever,
even better than CDUII or EDupe. I also have some interior shots with it I am prepping for dye transfer printing which would have been very difficult with any other film, chrome or color neg, due
to the nature of the colors involved as well as the specific contrast. That was a quadruple-whammy for me - losing Astia, E100G, Quickloads, and Ilfochrome all about the same time. I only have so much of each still stashed in the freezer. Part of the problem is the communication failure on the part
of the film community in general. People didn't understand how to interpret a film like Astia in terms of end use, so it didn't sell all that well compared to Velvia and Provia. And maybe it's also a symptom of everyone nowadays expecting honey and jam on top of sugar cubes color saturation these day - but eat enough of that and you'll eventually vomit.