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Thanks everyone for the information and your opinions of film choices.

I have some 30 glass slides waiting at my front door as we speak. Will look at getting some more too.

Hatchetman, I want to address you use of Kodak films specifically here. For the most part, I have always used Kodak films in all my 35mm and 120 cameras. Recently, given the problems with Kodak and reading about some shortages, I am almost afraid to fall in love with Ektachrome just to have the rug pulled from under my feet.....silly thinking?? (I think I have around 3 rolls of Ektachrome in the fridge, I need to get the camera out!).

Not silly at all, all Ektachrome was already discontinued earlier this year. Kodak is out of the E6 market. Your choices are Fuji and the Rollei 200 film. Plus, of course, remaining stock of Ektachrome.