So, I was talking to my friend and he had an old Polaroid EE100 to give away! There was a little battery corrosion which I fixed up, and everything is working properly, but I have a few questions...

First off, there are the pinholes... How do I fix them? Should I even try to fix them, or try to enjoy the result? If I try with the pinholes unsealed, would I be able to remove the pack and load it into my Colorpack II in the darkroom, and be able to shoot the rest of the pack unmolested if I didn't like the light leak effect?

Also, I noticed that the switch shoots iso 75, 3000, and past 3000 it goes to ER. What is ER? It seems to just remove the 3000 speed pinhole and shoot back at the normal aperture. Is that all it does, for low lighting?

I bought a bunch of instant film, so this time next week I should have 'roids. Any advice is greatly apppreciated.

(PS, covering up the Electric eye, with it turned all the way to lighten, I can do 1:47 second long exposures, and this model has a tripod release and a cable! Woohoo!)

**Edit** It's an EE100 special! Cool!